Toronto Condo Debuts the First Virtual Concierge

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Virtual Concierge

Coming soon to your lobby – a Virtual Concierge

Tridel’s newest downtown condo, Reve has brought forth the new movement of virtual concierges. The concierge, while actually about 30km away, welcomes deliveries, answers occupants and visitors’ question and keeps close eye on the premises with 50 security cameras and cutting edge motion-sensor and voice technology at his/her fingertips.

The goal is to have virtual concierges monitor several buildings at once, 24/7, which can cut $180,000 a year in on-site staff by 40 or 50% – costs which are part of owners’ maintenance fees. This will also greatly benefit those smaller buildings where there are too few residents to afford any security or concierge. There also will no longer be annoying “Back in 15 minutes” sign on the desk.
Tridel hopes to implement virtual concierge into most buildings.

With the maintenance fee of new condos are becoming substantially high, changes like this are definitely welcome. New innovations like the virtual concierge are always received with much doubt and criticism, but I think this just may be the beginning of something amazing.
I’m assuming the quality of the concierge service will also improve as without a doubt, the monitor feed will be recorded for quality purposes (just like when you call cell-phone companies and the calls may recorded/monitored). There tend to be quite moody concierge after long shifts after all, or some just plain rude.
Future, here we come!