Sell Your House


What you can expect from buying/selling with Mark


  • Handpicked listings personalized to your criteria.
  • Become aware of the properties as soon as it hits the agents’ MLS, before it even gets listed on the public MLS.
  • Honest opinions on properties – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Good points should be appreciated but the bad points should also be highlighted, there won’t be any sweet-talking to cover it up.
  • No pressure tactics to hasten the deal or overpay – you will be making informed, intelligent decision.


  • Accurate appraisals – the real estate market is a living organism that constantly changes. The price will appraised as accurately as possible using the sold comparables, property’s strengths, weaknesses and the market condition. I will make sure your property is not under-priced, or over-priced that it will deter away potential buyers.
  • All showing requests will go through the office and myself, there won’t be any unplanned surprise visits. Your personal life and privacy will be upmost respected.
  • Your property will be marketed to the best of its potential. The pictures to go on MLS are the very first step to generating leads, I will make sure that the pictures are taken at the best angle and lighting to emphasize its strengths. Each room should be void of clutter and arranged as simple and open concept as possible.